What Brand?

Our company is often asked the question “Who has the best equipment?” Easy, we agree with industry insiders, that “The manufacturer and the design of the equipment only determines about 15% of the performance and life. The other 85% is determined by the system design, installation, and ultimately, preventive maintenance”. That’s why it’s often said, “The most important day in the life of your furnace and air conditioner is the day it is installed.”

Most replacement installations require major modifications to bring the new system up to today’s current design, energy, and safety requirements. A contractor who simply re-installs your new efficient equipment without making these modifications may be priced lower, but your new system will not operate at the efficiency you paid for, and may not deliver the comfort you desire. We have inspected many new systems that are running, but performing poorly, or with premature failures because of incorrect design and installation. Don’t invest in new energy efficient equipment and waste your money on a poorly designed, under-performing installation. The lowest price can often mean they have chosen the cheapest way to install your new system.

At Novell Custom Heating and Air Conditioning Company, every job is done to comply with your community’s current building codes and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Upon completion of installation, our technicians utilize a “Quality Control Audit” during the initial test and start-up phase to assure all procedures have been completed. This provides you both the maximum efficiency and longest life expectancy of your new system.

Lots of companies only offer one brand, so which brand do you suppose they’ll say is the best brand? The brand they carry! We know that we’re going to install the equipment the best way possible. What is most important for us is the way a manufacturer supports its equipment and dealers.

Novell Custom Heating and Air Conditioning Company has been an Independent Trane Dealer since 2001. However, we install several other major brands. If you are looking for a brand name other than Trane, chances are we can help. Have us out for a free evaluation and we will help you choose a system that will fit your budget and needs.

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